There is a serious lack of awareness about the risk factors at workplace. If these risk factors are eliminated at the roots, the work-related pain can be prevented. This is where the Physiotherapist plays a vital role, to guide you to a pain free, productive life at work and home

Corporate every year face loss of man power due to all kinds of body, joint or muscle pain because of which many employees are on sick leaves. Even if these employees turn up for work ignoring their pain, they have reduced focus, makes lot of errors at work and resultant loss of work output

As the saying goes time is money ,and when they lose their employees productive time in turn they have face decreased productivity and this may affect there business  overall.

There is a genuine absence of awareness about the risk factors at work environment. Removing these risk factors from there root cause can help to prevent work related pain. Physiotherapist plays an important role in guiding preventive measure, ergonomics and led a pain free life at home and work

With the world advancing at lightning pace, the everyday routine to win this endless race, the constant pressure frequently takes the driver's seat and your health takes backseat

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Condition We Treat
Rotator cuff injury
TMJ Disfunction
Sprain And Strain Injury
Pelvic Floor Condition
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Repetative strain
Cervicogenic Headache
ACL and PCL tears
Jumpers knee/Patellar Tendonitis
MCL/LCL tears
Interferential Therapy
IMS-Intramuscular Stimulation
Balance / Vestibular Rehabilitation
Osteoporosis Management
Core Stabilization
Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation
Acupuncture / Dry Needling
Cupping Therapy ( Advanced Technique)
Advanced Ultrasound Therapy 
Manual Physiotherapy
Pulsed Signal Therapy ( German Therapy)
Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NEMS)
Pre and Post Natal Physiotherapy
Sports Rehabilitation
Short Wave Diathermy ( Heat Therapy )
Stroke Rehabilitation
Arthritis Physiotherapy
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
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